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Welcome to Management Information Department

Ernest Patrick Paul
Paul, Ernest Patrick
Head of Department

MID is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software and networking of computers in the Commission. The department offers support services to the end users and operational departments through the development, deployment, maintenance and upgrade of software programs and applications. With technology being the backbone in organisations, maintaining a stable IT department is a key objective of MID.

The Management Information Department is responsible for the ICT needs of the Commission. It maintains and adequately updates a databank on all aspects of salaries/wages in the entire Federal Public Service. It liaises, from time to time with the operational departments of the Commission to analyze data and give appropriate information, as the need arises, to the general public on matters relating to national policy on incomes and wage bill of government.

The functions of the Department, among others, are to:

  • set up, maintain and run a databank on components of salary administration for the Commission;
  • implement and evaluate, for the Commission, IT project processes/plans/operations
  • build IT standards, certification, compliance, and research into areas of appropriate technology adoption for the Commission
  • encourage IT Governance: program/project management, vendor management, and IT budget planning
  • develop functional and secure network architecture, and constant scanning, testing, and traffic monitoring of all network operations to reduce dependencies, threats, and intrusion
  • efficiently utilize/monitor IT resources to optimize internal operations and control;
  • provide a central point for information inquiry and management;
  • develop an overall IT strategic plan as a precursor to the Commission’s IT roadmap
  • develop, maintain and constantly update the web services of the Commission
  • educate and build the capacity of the workforce on issues relating to IT and allied services;
  • maintain and update the online representation of the Commission to relevant stakeholders;

The department is divided into two divisions, namely:

  • Software Application Division;
  • IT Infrastructure Division

The Department is carrying out the following activities:

  • advises the Commission on issues relating to IT from time to time;
  • maintenance of the unified local networks;
  • upgraded the web services of the Commission and the creation of portal services as a platform for web applications;
  • development of an Electronic Content Management solution;
  • maintains Database on Manning Levels of the Federal Public Service in Nigeria
  • developed and maintains the salaries and wages management information system, and integrated management information system for the Commission, which so far include the following:
  • Payroll Information System (PIS),
  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS),
  • Budget Information System (BIS),
  • General Ledger Information System (GLIS), and,
  • Accounts Payable Information System (APIS).