Special Duties

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Welcome to Special Duties Department

OJO, Olugbenga Oludare
Mr O. O. Ojo
Head of Department

The Special Duties Department in NSIWC coordinates extra activities of the Commission i.e. activities not in the line schedules of the Commission as may be directed by the Chairman or Secretary to the Commission. The department undertakes such other services as the press activities, conferences, the publication of reports generated by the operational department of the Commission, and library services.

The functions of the Department, among others, are to:

  • organize press conferences, press interviews and Annual Ministerial Press briefing in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Information;
  • issue press invitations, Press Releases and the placement of Adverts, Promos, Jingles and announcements in the mass media for the Commission;
  • produce of an in-house newsletter designed to publicize the activities of the Commission;
  • maintain an up–to–date photo news board in the Commission;
  • ensure video coverage of the relevant activities of the Commission;
  • keep a video/photo library for future reference and documentation at all times;
  • make daily press cuttings and clippings of print media reports of activities of the Commission;
  • provide library services to the staff of the Commission

The department is divided into two divisions, namely:

  • Media Affairs Division;
  • Library & Publication Division

The Department is carrying out the following activities:

  • advises the Commission on vital issues relating to press and media related matters.;
  • prevents/monitors the publication of news concerning the Commission;
  • creates a well-conducive atmosphere within the various media houses, members of the public with the Commission;
  • successfully undertook adequate publicity to various activities and interviews embanked upon by the Commission both within and outside the Commission in both print and the electronic media
  • publishes the following reports/publications of the Commission periodically:
    1. Quarterly Salaries and Wages Bulletin
    2. Annual Reports
    3. Annual Reports of Incomes Survey of the Informal Sector of Nigeria Economy
    4. Annual Reports of the Salary Inspection of selected establishment in the Federal Public Service
    5. Reports of the Quarterly Analysis of Real and Appropriate Wage in the Federal Public Service;

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