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Welcome to Compensation Department

Anselm Chiadi Adighiogu
Head of Department

The Compensation Department is responsible for formulating and implementing pay policies and practices aimed at ensuring fair equitable and affordable pay systems in the national economy.

The Department performs amongst others; the following functions:

  • Examine the salary structure in the public and private sector and recommend a wage framework with reasonable features of relativity and maximum levels which align with the national economy;
  • Inform the Federal Government on incipient trends in wages and propose guidelines within which increase in wages should be confirmed;
  • Recommend guidelines that will ensure harmony in work compensation policies in both the public and private sectors; and
  • Examine the current rate of retirement benefits and recommend an appropriate mechanism for periodic review of retirement benefits

The department is divided into two division namely:

  • Salary Administration; and
  • Pay Research
  • Evaluate request from agencies for salary placement/review
  • The Department, on request, clarifies issues relating to salaries and wages administration in the public service;
  • Carry out pay research across the public and private sectors of the economy;
  • Carry out salary inspection of ministries, department and agencies in the public sector of the economy
  • Rendering technical services/advise to Government on industrial relating issues
  • Providing Technical support to Government on negotiation with unions in the public service including negotiations on the National Minimum Wage
  • Review of relevant benefits including pension
  • Preparing proposals/guidelines for wage reviews in the Public Service
  • Preparing drafts reports on the implementation of ILO and other conventions relating worker remuneration ratified by the country
  • Sensitizes and educate the worker and the general Public on salary administration policies.

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