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  • Consolidation is the aggregation of basic salary and allowances as a single pay
  • Salary is a fixed and regular pay for services rendered e.g. permanent and pensionable workers. While wage is not fixed e.g. casual workers or labourers.
  • Non-wage income is return on your investment e.g. rent on property, dividend etc.
  • Whenever Government deems it necessary to increase or through collective bargaining between Government and Union.
  • The Federal and State/Local governments are different employers of labour and in line with the 1999 constitution, no one can dictate to the other.
  • It is to enable the Commission place people on the right cadre
  • Productivity is the relationship between the output generated by a production or service system and the input provided to create the output. Productivity is the will to improve on the present situation no matter how good it may look.
  • Productivity measurement in the Public Service is a function of the results and time taken to accomplish them. It is basically the organisation’s final output compared with its input and the impact made by the organisation’s programme.

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