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Welcome to Administration Department

Olugbenga Aborode
Mr O. Aborode
Head of Department

The Administration Department is responsible for the handling of human resource management and other general administrative processes as well as other duties that may be assigned to it from time to time by the Chairman.

The Department is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • general administration, formulation, execution, and review of personnel policies;
  • coordination of matters relating to appointment, documentation, promotion, advancement, conversion, and confirmation;
  • the discipline of staff and related matters;
  • processing of the request for advances and leave etc;
  • training of staff both locally and internationally;
  • handles other aspects of staff development such as study leave with/without pay, mental and physical development including sporting activities;
  • handles staff welfare matters such as marriages, death, and related issues; and
  • coordinates the Transport Section of the Commission.

The Department is structured into two Divisions, namely:

  • Staff Welfare and Training (SWT) and
  • Appointment, Promotion, and Discipline (APD).
The Staff Welfare and Training Division (SW&T)
The Staff Welfare and Training Division comprises of the Training Unit and the Staff Welfare Unit. The Training Unit handles all training activities of the Commission, both locally and internationally. The Division relates well with some established training outfits such as Centre for Management Development (CMD), Corporate Administrators of Nigeria, Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), etc, where the staff is sent for specific training which is aimed at bridging the skill deficiency gaps.